Where To Eat

Our guide on the best places to eat in Cornwall,  from the finest fast food offerings to Michelin stared dining.

The food is one of the reasons we moved down to Cornwall and there are so many places we can recommend this list will evolve with time.  For now though these are a few of the places we feel you can’t miss!

Ben’s Cornish Kitchen,  situated in Marazion is a must visit,  you’ll need to book well in advance in the holiday seasons but it’s worth it.   Make a day of it and visit St Micheal Mount whilst you are there.

Oliver’s,   head over to Falmouth to experience this small but perfectly formed restaurant,  again you’ll need to book well in advance but you’ll be rewarded with fantastic service and food.

Antoninis in Hayle is a short drive (and a very scenic one if you take the coastal route) and serves some of the best Italian food we’ve had anywhere,  not a place for pizzas but if you want slow cooked ragù and a menu that changes monthly with the finest ingredients make a booking here.


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